5 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Your Wedding At The Paradise

By Olivia Maitre
Tuesday 21 July 2020
5 reasons why you should celebrate your wedding at the paradise

2020 has been quite a ride, and for the couples who had planned to tie the knot this year, things have gotten tricky. Luckily, if you have to relocate your wedding in Hong Kong, there is an incredible hidden gem part of our Exclusive Venues made just for you: The Paradise.

1. An organic feel of the tropics


Encircled by Hong Kong’s boundless tropical flora, this privately-owned gem has extravagant views overlooking Sai Kung, known for its rich and beautiful greenery. Once you take a step into the venue, you instantly immerse yourself in a sumptuous yet laid-back spirit. A typical tropical island scenery.

2. A serenity like no other


Stranded on a hill, The Paradise is perfectly secluded, with a stunning luminosity coming from afar. Its tranquility is like no other - from the echoes of the singing birds, to the flawless waves of the sea, this is the perfect place for a match made in heaven. Additionally, the venue provides a breath-taking infinity pool, which certainly adds a glimmer to the splendid setting. A picturesque place for lovebirds.

3. When modernity meets nature


The clean lines of this modern seaside home blend perfectly with its vast windows and white ceilings. The modern look is pure, spacious, and filled with gorgeous natural light. If you’re looking for a contemporary site that elegantly blends in with the natural surroundings, you’ve come to the right place for your special day.

4. An escape outside of home, at home


In these eerie COVID-19 times, having your wedding in a far-away destination is problematic. But at The Paradise, you have the chance to bring your wedding to life in what feels like an escape. As a matter of fact, at a glance, it may feel like you are very far from home, stranded somewhere in South America or Indonesia… The luxuriant vegetation standing in front of the sea truly has a whimsical effect. A place that will elevate your spirit.

5. A substantial capacity

Impeccably maintained, the venue has a whopping square footage and offers versatility in each of its areas. It has resplendent attributes – be it its cozy garden, its panoramic walk-in terrace or the rooftops. Here’s the icing on the cake: the venue can accommodate 80-200 guests. Ideal for that magic wedding you were originally hoping for.


In a nutshell, The Paradise is an excellent choice to celebrate love and commitment. Whether you’re a nature or sea lover, or a contemporary interior design habitué…Immerse yourself in a heavenly venue for your “I do”, a moment you will never forget.