Corporate Group Meetings And Events At Exclusive Venue

By Karina Curlewis
Wednesday 11 August 2021
Corporate Group Meetings And Events At Exclusive Venue

Corporate meetings are crucial opportunities for maximising collaboration, building partnerships with prospective clients and outlining company growth and plans. Given the importance of meetings, the location itself is equally as vital yet overlooked.


Meeting locations represent a company brand and sets the tone which in turn creates long term working relationships and reliability. Whether it’s a first meeting or an ongoing client relationship, attention to the details of a well chosen meeting venue shows a sense of priority, brand values and a highly reputable brand image.


At Exclusive Venue, we’ve put together top portfolio listings and HK event spaces to hold private and group corporate meetings.


Heritage House

Heritage House is a grand 3500 sq. ft property with classic European architecture and opulent interior design reminiscent of a colonial era. The mansion is ideal for fashion presentations, corporate groups, 1 to 1 appointments, VIP cocktail receptions along with fashion and film production shoots.


Mirror House

Mirror House is one of the largest housing properties under Exclusive Venue’s portfolio with a total of twelve rooms, two swimming pools, four living rooms and modern interior design with mirror panels creating a sense of depth and expansion indoors. The bright interior creates warm ambience and welcomes opportunities of collaboration.


twin peaks

At 5500 square feet, Twin Peaks is a European villa with a vast lawn and swimming pool upon entering the gate. With high ceilings holding chandeliers and floor to ceiling windows, Twin Peaks overlooks scenic views of Aberdeen and the South China Sea. Natural sunlight pours into the cosy living room spaces creating a pleasant and bright atmosphere for group corporate meetings.