Film shoots and TV Productions

By Karina Curlewis
Tuesday 19 January 2021
Film shoots and TV Productions

Films and television shows have become our main source of entertainment and a staple in our weekly routine due to cinema closures and lockdown restrictions. Behind the scenes, film production companies are also finding creative solutions on how to bring stories, TV shows and films to life regardless of travel limitations.


As overseas shoots are turned down for the foreseeable future, production teams have become resourceful in scouting locations within Hong Kong. Aside from private events, corporate meetings or fashion presentations, Exclusive Venue’s private properties are suitable for different movie scenes, fashion campaign shoots and reality TV shows.


Exclusive Venue’s private properties and mansions offer a range of architectural design and features that are suggestive of scenes taking place in different countries ideal for film storylines requiring an element of nostalgia or different timelines.


While a production studio is a standard option, Exclusive Venue mansions and properties offer both indoor and outdoor settings along with spectacular views of sunsets, mountains and the ocean which maximises scenery and enriches cinematography. This also applies for fashion brands producing annual campaign shoots aimed at creating a sense of luxury one would feel while on a luxe tropical holiday in exotic locations like Bali or Thailand.


French reality TV show ‘Les Anges’ recently wrapped up a three month production with a celebrity cast including guest stars Jean Claude Van Damme and renowned chef Thierry Marx featured at ‘The Paradise’ property - listed under Exclusive Venue.


While the film and entertainment industry continue to strive within limitations, Exclusive Venue is proving to be the go-to agency for filmmakers, production companies and television producers.