Hire Unique Shooting Venues in Hong Kong

By Olivia Maitre
Monday 31 August 2020

Are you on the lookout for an exclusive address for your next TV or Photography shoot? For decades, Hong Kong was known as the “Hollywood of the East.” With what our beloved city has to offer, we have no doubt. Its calming tropic surroundings, its incredible seascapes, endless hill landscapes, and busy neon-light filled streets…


It’s the perfect location for all types of creative production. Our exclusive sites and atypical locations aren’t only limited to corporate or private events. Each one of them also serves as a multipurpose space that never ceases to entangle luxury and creativity. We’ve gathered our most beautiful camera-ready spaces for you, and venues that could also serve as sumptuous hong kong movie studios that will instantly add the wow-effect your production deserves.


Luxury Private Venues for Film Shoots


If you’re on the hunt for unique event venues for a film shoot in Hong Kong, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for residential houses, atypical industrial settings, or merely an empty room, we provide a wide array of settings for your next film production. This includes reports, TV shows, movies,... In 2019, French NRJ 12’s reality TV show “Les Anges” was filmed in one of our most outstanding venues, The Paradise. We’ve also had the chance to have Jean Claude Vandamme there. Nestled in the lush tropical greenery of Hong Kong, this secluded venue has extravagant views that elegantly blend in with its interior. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a more European-like home for your production, Villa Violette is the way forward. The house has all the Provence feels, with its stone walls, spacious garden, and general laid-back ambiance. Either way, our portfolio displays a substantial selection of outstanding properties, both inspiring and creative spaces that genuinely have what it takes to catch the eye.

Perfect venues for your Photoshoot


Our amazing urban jungle continues to inspire more and more photographers. As mentioned previously, there is so much to cherish in Hong Kong. Although small, its diverse sceneries never cease to amaze creative souls. Whether it’s the high-rises, various new/old contrasts, or splendid mountains and beaches… It truly is the perfect place for your photographic dreams to come true. However, for your next photoshoot, why look for a common or a studio rental when you can have the key to sumptuous and rare venues? We’ve had many luxurious fashion brands that were delighted to use our breath-taking locations for their photoshoots. Our prestigious Diamond in the Sky venue has been rented for various high-end fashion brands and has been featured on high-end magazines such as Tatler. As the name of the venue suggests, it is a true masterpiece blending modernity and sophistication, with the most spectacular views of Hong Kong’s skyline. 


Premium venues for Product Launch


At Exclusive Venue, we possess an array of fortes. In addition to having the perfect venues to replace your studio rental in Hong Kong, we also provide exceptional locations for all types of product launches. This may include pop-up spaces to rent, cooking studios to rent, and more. Previously, we were honored to host one of the most celebrated, Thierry Marx, for a cooking class. We were in charge to find the adequate food and beverage venue for this shoot, highlighting the French culinary arts, and fusion cuisine combining French and Asian tastes. After meticulously researching, we found the appropriate venue that perfectly responded to the production’s wishes. The result was staggering! No matter what your product is, we have the venue your product launch deserves. Throughout time, we’ve also had the chance to host phenomenal secret product launch events. It’s a fact - your venue and location are the backdrops to your event. But if you have the chance to make the experience even more exclusive, by adding the power of secrecy, it’s guaranteed that you will build more hype and that your event will never leave your clients’ minds.


On top of it all, Exclusive Venue is powered by ROUGE, one of the fastest-growing creative studio and event production agencies in the region. Known for its memorable large-scale productions, ROUGE carefully selects and customizes unique venues for the most renowned brands. Their services include audiovisual production, interactive installations, large-scale, and boutique exhibition spaces. In a nutshell, ROUGE creates innovative event concepts to develop the most impactful and remarkable experiences.  


To conclude, we strive to cater to a variety of creative needs. We know that finding the right location for your production can be a challenge, for example, if you are looking to recreate a specific historical period or so. But with Exclusive Venue, you can rest assured that your setting will be adequate to your demands, whilst offering incredible interior and exterior conditions. Each venue offers impressive views of our beloved Asian city, luxuriant modern interiors, an eye for cutting-edge designs, and a flexible configuration that will help you produce and achieve exactly what you wish. Our spacious and alterable interiors will quickly turn your idea(s) into reality. We pride ourselves on having the best venues in Hong Kong, and we truly believe in the creative industries. We are ecstatic to show you what our venues hold and to help you realize your production dream(s) along the way.