Make A Lasting Impression With Exclusive Venue’s Rendez-Vous

By Olivia Maitre
Tuesday 15 September 2020
Make a lasting impression with Exclusive Venue’s Rendez-Vous

Whether or not for a press event, a collection launch, or simply a secluded dinner party, if you’re looking to impress your clients, guests, and/or partners, our Rendez-Vous is made for you.(If you would like a tailor-made experience at your home, we are here too.)


Rendez-Vous is an all-inclusive, splendid event experience intertwining luxury, conviviality, and a unique savoir-faire. Not only do you have the opportunity to choose a prestigious hidden space among our numerous venues, but your client is also in for a whole exclusive package. At Exclusive Venue, we sincerely believe that there is a spark behind every detail. We strive to make your clients and partners’ experience the most gratifying and memorable possible. As a result, we’ve included luxurious elements that will add unique remarkableness to your event.


1. Exclusivity with good company

We take enormous pride in hosting Rendez-Vous’s. Our 30 + spectacular venues are located across Hong Kong’s luxuriant foliage, each one offering a unique and grand experience to the beholder. The venues are hidden to the eyes of the public, creating a unique sense of seclusion, while flaunting modern sophistication. They are iconic event spaces with unobstructed views of our vibrant city or its breath-taking sea. Each venue is spacious enough to accommodate a great number of guests. They are each unique and the most prestigious our Hong Kong has seen.


For the cherry on the top, let your guests or clients be driven by our chauffeurs in a luxurious car. They will be driven from any desired location to your selected venue.

2. Bespoke Fine Dining

We work closely with top-chefs around the city who offer fine tailormade cuisine. For instance, we are honored to have Louise’ chef Franckelie Laloum, which past culinary experience across the world holds three-Michelin stars and some of the best known 5-star hotels. His French fine dining, inspired by French nostalgia, surpasses expectations. All of our top chefs care passionately about offering exquisite fine-dining suited to your needs.

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3. Stunning performances

To enhance the experience, we also receive talented international performers who live it up throughout the event. They instantly enhance the night with their creative flair and elegant performances including singing, dancing, and more. We strive to find you the best fit for your event’s general ambiance and style.


To wrap it up, we will take away the stress and organize everything for you. Whatever the size, shape, or form of your exclusive event, we have it all covered. We have the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that every single aspect of your event will be seamless. We embrace your demands wholeheartedly and we never cease to put trust first. You and your attendees will benefit from personalized support throughout the whole experience; expect magic to happen. There will be no other event like yours; make it exactly what you want it to be with us!