Organise Events In Exclusive, Private Locations

By Olivia Maitre
Monday 19 October 2020

In the midst of 2020’s occurrences, thankfully, you can still count on Exclusive Venue. It’s not always an easy task to find exactly the right venue, ambiance, and style you want for your event. But we’re here to help.


We tell a story through each of our venues, either with an exceptional architecture or a creatively thought-through atmosphere to accommodate the most memorable events.

1. Enhance your work relations or attend unique events with your family and friends

There is a huge importance in team building. Not only does it strengthen your work relations, but it can increase your employee engagement drastically. As stated in Forbes, “team building is the most important investment you can make for your people. It builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration." For that reason, we’ve been thinking of different types of activities that could be perfect for efficient team bonding; or even for a memorable family or friend celebration. For instance, having a famous Yoga Teacher host their class in a luxurious seaside home… Or hosting a cooking class with your favorite chef in a mansion... Or even a birthday brunch with your loved ones in a completely atypical venue! Anything is possible.

2. The power of secrecy

In the modern age, we are torn between transparency and secrecy. But a business that wishes to be both successful and strong needs to maintain secrecy from the world. This is why we strive to help our guests and their clients discover outstanding and luxurious places they never knew existed. Research shows that surprise intensifies our emotions by about 400 percent.


3. Let your clients immerse in a splendid event experience

We take pride in hosting our ‘Rendez-Vous’, an all-inclusive exclusive package. Your client is in for a whole experience once he/she steps into the venue. With our ‘Rendez-Vous’, your event will include a private driver, an exclusive and tailor-made dining experience, and entertainment throughout the event to make your clients’ time the most outstanding possible.


4. Use our venues as the setting for your next production… or product launch!

Our exclusive venues aren’t just limited to hosting phenomenal events – they can also be a brand new creative setting for your next photography or film shoot. Our exclusive locations and atypical sites serve as multipurpose spaces that intertwine creativity and luxury. We’ve also hosted very successful product launches in our venues.


All things considered, Exclusive Venue is here to take the lead on the event experience of your choice. We strive to always leave a lasting impression. And if you are someone who treasures hidden gems, combining modernity, luxury, and creativity; we know exactly what you’re looking for!