Private Luxury Brand Appointments With Exclusive Venue

By Karina Curlewis
Tuesday 20 April 2021

As private brand experiences take new heights in exclusive properties and mansions in exchange for typical event and party venues in Hong Kong, a shift of new venue experiences are paving the way for luxury brand activations in private group appointments.


Inviting guests for collection viewings in an upscale refurbished mansion creates a sense of familiarity of home and a relatable environment while deepening a connection to a luxury brand’s identity, customer journey and creative storytelling.


Aligning with marketing strategy, private appointments and brand presentations are also a rare opportunity to welcome guests to the city’s most stunning private properties as a refreshing change from typical event venues and is also a chance to re-discover the city in a different perspective.


Existing rooms within a mansion also entail various product placement in different suite settings and themes to give guests a clearer visual on how placement of collection items could look in real life or in their own homes. Each room may also serve as its own unique guest experience in itself wherein, seasons, ambience, lighting, soundscapes can provide multi sensory inspiration to guests influencing their consumer experience and connection to the brand.


By combining elements of set design, installations, existing architecture and interior styling, a luxury brand can weave in significant elements of storytelling from the first moment of entry to a finale cocktail and dining experience. By creating a diverse and distinct customer journey, a private group appointment or one to one appointment goes beyond shopping and becomes about creating lasting memories while catering to a clientele’s desire for new exciting event experiences within exclusivity