Surprise Your Clients At The Most Prestigious Private Venues

By Olivia Maitre
Wednesday 12 August 2020
Exclusive Venue: Surprise your clients at the most prestigious private venues

What if you host your next tailormade event in the most phenomenal private venue? 
If you’ve been aching to impress your clients, partners, or guests, you’ve reached the right place. 

Be it for a Rendez-Vous, a VIP event, or a collection launch, we have the keys to a unique and luscious story.


Your clients’ time is valuable; which is why we strive to make your event as dreamlike and as memorable as ever. We know how important it is to build trust, and we know exactly how.


1. Never-before-seen venues in the heart of Hong Kong


The truth is, there is something so peculiar about discovering hidden treasures. Research even shows that surprise intensifies our emotions by about 400 percent. In other words, the unknown leads to fascination. All of our exquisite venues are secluded in picturesque places that most eyes have never seen. What’s more exciting than going off-limits?

2. State-of-the-art luxury


All of our venues seamlessly blend modern sophistication and prestige. Anyone with an eye for design is in for a treat. Whichever venue you choose, each one has a voluptuous visual appeal surrounded by Hong Kong’s lush urban jungle scenery. Be ready to indulge in a voyage of the senses.

3. An ecstatic and unique experience that will last


Here’s the deal. Wanting to impress clients is universal, but sometimes there might be lacking that spark. Our carefully selected venues will make a lasting impact on your attendees. Let them immerse in a one-of-a-kind experience, filled with delight and gratification. The experience isn’t only about the place - it’s about every little touch that comes with it. They are the type of events that will open their minds to new forms of refined enjoyment.