The Future Of Fashion Brand Experiences

By Karina Curlewis
Thursday 3 December 2020
The Future Of Fashion Brand Experiences

In times of transformation, innovation and creativity heralds a new era of fashion brand presentations and activations. It is clear that the future of retail experiences will inevitably go beyond the perimeters of a store and has already begun.


Brands evoke a sense of coming home to oneself and a continuous evolution of personal style and expression. While new seasonal collections and fashion statements are classically expressed on traditional runways or convention halls under the public eye, this year’s global shift has affected campaign experiences drastically with live shows becoming somewhat of a distant memory.


With the ‘new normal’ causing such disruption to the fashion industry, live fashion shows and powerhouse brands are pivoting and the answer to newfound brand experiences is actually on our doorstep. Cue Exclusive Venue agency holding the keys to the future of partnered luxury brand experiences more so than ever.


Exclusive Venue provides the opportunity for luxurious brands to flourish and thrive within diverse properties. It is the only agency in Hong Kong selecting and connecting diverse and exclusive venues with luxury brands and corporate clients. Each prestigious villa and property pays homage to classic distinct architecture, ambience, timeless nostalgic landscaping and interior design equally as cinematic within unparalleled privacy.


A fashion brand journey with Exclusive Venue goes beyond a retail experience. To delve deeper, the exclusivity of both the venue and guest list seeks to create a closer bespoke connection between guests and a brand’s collection story of the season which has become highly relevant during a time of social distancing and breaking conventional boundaries while adhering to safety regulations. The exclusivity of one-on-one and small group appointments can be viewed as a home away from home where room settings in a single property or even numerous properties within a vicinity hold refurbished showrooms for particular products and curated dining experiences.


With a reputation built on a close relationship of trust with clients, partners, venue hosts and a proven track record in hosting outstanding events - notably Tiffany & Co.,Hermès and CHANEL - Exclusive Venue agency is without a doubt the gateway to future live fashion brand experiences in Hong Kong.