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Exclusive Venue bring an inventive look at the models of your event

We are your most trusted partner in delivering the best venue for your tailored event!

Exclusive Venue has gained its reputation for transforming your events into unique experiences by finding you the very exclusive, hidden from the public eyes, unique, one of a kind venues in Hong Kong.

Each of our venues tells a different story: from classic to colonial, wide open, filled with art and interesting interior pieces, open spaces, modern and in many ways unique properties.

Our goal is to help our clients & their guests discover places they may NEVER otherwise know exists!

Every venue is special in its own way and so are the people drawn towards it. With our carefully selected venues by your unique specifications, WE help you create a personal connection with your audience:  whether it is to launch new collections, sell products, retain your customers' loyalty, hosting a charity event or a cocktail party or just celebrate a very successful year with your VIP customers.